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For donors sending cheque or draft.


The devotee wants to send vows and gifts to Bhojalrambapa sends cheque or draft named/addressed on Bhaktiram S. Savaliya-

To be send cheqe or draft for developm,ent of yatradham ‘Bhojaldham’,fodder for cows,grains for pigeons,as well as servicable noble deeds,named on shri Bhoja Bhagat Charitable Trust. Bhaktiram S. Savaliya Mo.9913444330.


Note:- The donors from any part of India or any city can deposite his donation in the followding banks:-


For Shri Bhojabhagat Charitable Trust--

Axis Bank A/c. No.336010100034946 IFS Code - UTIB0000336
State Bank of India A/c. No.66013941400 IFS Code - SBIN0060131


Donation for glorious spire temple.-
you have a golden chance to offer a fund as much as you wish and contribute in the creation of the temple of Jalarambapa, Valamrambapa and sadguru Bhojalrambapa.
Rs.1,111/- for 1-Square foot construction donation will be accepted in this amount.
The name of the donor who donats Rs.2,51,111/- or more amount,the name will be written down on the name plate.


According to low and act of 80(g) (5) the donors will get tax free.-


Shri Bhojabhagat Charitable Trust-

Bhaktiram S. Savaliya


GUJARAT (INDIA) Pin - 365601

Mo. 0 99134 44330, 0 94286 15511

Email- / Email-


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