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Welfare activities of Shri “Bhojabhagat Charitable Trust”

The Primary Health Centre:-

A very fine primary health centre has been built in Fattepur by Shri Bhojabhagt Memorial Trust.

Annadan(food for donating):-

Aglorious hall for Annakshetra(the place where food is available forever for all)has been built for coming pilgrimage for food and prasad

Guest House:-

A large hall along with 14 rooms and aircondition rooms attached wih latrines and bathrooms have been built for coming foreigners by trust.

Atithi Gruha(Guest House);-

‘’Bhojalram Atithigruha’’has been built for coming monks,saints for boarding and lodging by trust.

Gaushala(the place where the cows are brought up and cared of):-

A small guashala has been built in Fattepur in order that coming pilgrimage may get tea milk and whey.

Blood Bank Camp:-

The bloodbank camp is held every year at the time of anniversary of Bhojalrambapa in order that the patients who need blood can obtain blood in time.800 to 900 bottles of blood are collected, given gifts to those who donates blood.

Blood Grouping Camp;-

The blood group camp is oftenly held so that the patients who need blood can get in time.

Rakta Tula (blood balance):-

Every saint and the chief of monestery is honoured by doing Raktatula at the time of anniversary of Bhojlrambapa.

Sakartula (Sugarcandy balance):-

The saints,the cheif of monestery and donars are honoured by doing Sakratula at the occasion of anniversary of Rev.Bhojalrambapa.

Spectacle Seminar:-

The patients of eye are checked up by eye specialist physicians and according to eye numbers the spectacles are prepared at relief rate.

Free Eye Diagnosis Camp for all caster:-

In this camp,the diseases of eye like cataraet, glaucoma,pteryqium,trichiasis,squint,and certain of eye were checked up by eye specialist physician.

Free lens plantation camp for all the castes:-

The diagnosis of eye diseases was performed by eye specialist physician of ‘’sudarshan Netralay’ 500 patients were checked up.Lens were planted in 95 patients.

Celebration of blind and handicapped children as (Child Day) ‘Bal Din’.

he children of blind school of Amreli,Children of deaf and dumb school,the helpless girls of Vikasgruh ,handicapped children and the children of Remand Home were called Fattepur by Bhojabhagat charitable trust and celebrated ‘Bal Din’ (child Day)with 350 children.Every year the child Day is celebrated.

An anniversary of saint Shri Bhojalrambapa:-

In every Vaishakh month, at full moon day the anniversary of Bhojalrambapa is celebrated.Every year,glorious and quite different ‘Seva yagna’and ‘blood bank camp’ are held.Attractive gifts as a prasad are given to every blood donor. More than one lac ladies and gents take part in this ceremony. Bhajans\Santvani programme is held at night. Saints and chief of monestery like Moraribapu (Ramayani) Bhartibapu (Bharti Ashram,Junagadh) Vijay bapu(Satadhar) Lavjibapu(Nesadi), Manjidada(Bagdana), Vasantdidi(Liliya) Jerambapu(Bagasara) attend this programme.This is the greatest festival in Amreli district.

Welfare activities of Shri “Bhojabhagat Charitable Trust”

(Literature “Chabkha”(unfailing verses)of shir Bhojabhagat have removed blind faith hyprocrisy,and heresy and superstitions from the society.The literature of learned,devotee,poet shri Bhojalrambapa is published for spiritual development of society and to creat religious sentiments..

Other Activities:-

At the time of calamity,Social service,knowledgable activities,service of cow,eye camp,diagnosis camp,grain for pigeons,conferance among saints,religious meetings, bhajans are performed.Social,religious and educational activities are expanded in society.

According to low and act of 80(g) (5) the donors will get tax free.

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